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Send a Valentine’s Day Doggy Gram to Someone You Love

Our popular Valentine’s Day Wiener Grams are back!

We’ve done our fun doggy-themed Valentines Day e-cards three years in a row. How do these adorable, funny, romantic, and slightly NSFW Valentine’s Day grams work?

Enter your valentine’s email, your valentine’s name, and your name (so your valentine knows who sent the e-card). On February 14th, your valentine will receive an adorable email from our lovable sausage dog, Django, and a few of his four-legged friends. Your name will be revealed at the bottom of the email so your valentine knows the email was sent on your behalf.

This should go without saying, but our doggy-themed Valentines Day e-cards 100% FREE.

Want to send a Wiener Gram to yourself? That’s also totally OK (and even a little expected) 💕 

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